Monday, December 29, 2008

Spice University...EQ (Party Source)...Mt. Saint Joe

First, I would like to thank everyone for a truly incredible Holiday season at the market. You have blessed us beyond our expectations. Thank you. We are in the final countdown to the New Year. Beginning in January we will start a project here on the pages of the blog that will hopefully continue for two to three years. Every month we will be presenting a different herb, spice or blend. We will provide you with information about each of the spices and tell you of subsitutes, if any exist, and provide you with several recipes to practice using each of the spices that we cover. I hope that you will enjoy this journey. The idea of Spice U. has me smitten. I am very excited about getting it started. I hope that you will share some of your recipes also. I would like for this to be very interactive.

I also want to point out a couple of things that might be of interest to you. On February 16th Alaina Repic and the old Colonel will be at the Party Source doing a four course menu. We will prepare, Scallops with Orange & Chervil Vinagerette, Salmon the Colonel's Way, Sweet Potato Salad, and Smokey Ice Cream. There are still some spots available. Here is where you register for this class and any other you might like to attend.

Then on April 7th at 12:30 I will be presenting a talk on Trivia, Myths, and Legends of spices at Mt. Saint Joseph Life Learn program. You may contact the Life Learn Programs office by either e-mailing or by phone: 513-244-4525.

All of us at Herbs & Spice and Everything Nice want to wish you the best New Year ever for 2009.

The Colonel

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