Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Emerging Business for 2008

Thanks to your support Herbs & Spice and Everything Nice was runner up as the Emerging Business for 2008. We took 2nd place to a franchise. Why they were in there is anybodies guess. Oh well. Next year we our goal is to be named Business of the Year. All right, enough back patting.

Many of you have asked for reprints of my columns from PulseDT (formerly the DownTowner). So in and effort to provide you with this information, starting next week, I will begin publishing to the blog both the articles and the recipe(s) that go along with the article. They will not be in the order they were published the first time. I will most likely provide them alphabetically. All of the recipes that were published with the articles will also be included. Additionally, there will be several recipes that have never been published.

We are offering a new product. A good friend of ours, Rob Miller, has developed a great new mustard. Rob is currently hiding out in Pennsylvania. At $5.00 this large jar is a bargain.

Colonel De Stewart

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